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Southernhay Clinic, 4 Barnfield Crescent, Exeter EX1 1QT
Specialist advice and treatment
for hair and scalp conditions
hair loss advice and treatment
Nicola Hemsley MIT
Advice and treatment for hair and scalp conditions
Female Hair loss
Male Hair loss
Scalp conditions
Head Massage
Clinical treatments
During consultation we always take into account your medical history, diet, and lifestyle identifying any underlying factors that may be contributing to the health and appearance of your hair and scalp.
This involves a thorough examination of the hair and scalp. Samples of hair may be taken for microscopy.
Depending on your diagnosis it may be necessary to prescribe specially formulated trichological treatment creams and shampoos for use in the clinic and at home, some of these may be purchased from the clinic or you may be referred to your GP or pharmacist for pharmaceutical products.
Advice and support is given at all times and where necessary information and guidance on how to access additional support.
All treatments are individually prescribed in collaboration with the client. Follow-up consultations are recommended to assess the response to treatment.
Blood tests are often required to rule out dietary and metabolic imbalances and in some cases this may involve liaising with other medical and healthcare practitioners
Clinical Treatments
A clinical treatment may involve the application and removal of specialist scalp creams. Use of steam, infra-red and ultra-violet light therapy and head massage.
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Nicola Hemsley
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